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203 Shariton Road •Centerville, IA 52544
Denny: 641-658-2288
Cara: 641-895-9230

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About Us

Drake Cattle Company is a family owned and operated registered cattle operation, located in the beautiful rolling hills of south central Iowa.  This area of Iowa is best suited to the harvest of grass by beef cattle.  On the better ground in our area we grow corn, soybeans and hay, but the highest percentage is grass hills.  Although Larry still believes there is no hill too steep to mow for hay if there’s hay on it.

With 350 head of mother cows, producing cattle with the ability to maintain condition, rebreed and wean a big calf is the number one requirement.  If they can’t do that then we don’t need them and neither do you.

For our area of the country cattle with a frame score of 5 to 6.5 work well.  For us, any bigger than that and you could not consistently get them to maintain condition and rebreed.  This is just what we have observed in our operation over the years.  We believe in packing the pounds on moderate framed cattle with calving ease and the ability to maintain condition and rebreed bred in generation after generation. 


We would sincerely like to thank ALL of our customers for your continued support...

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